Join the Club

The club meets Friday evenings at 7:00 pm in the lobby of the Best Western hotel, near Pinhook & Kaliste Saloom. Casual chess games are played for about 30 minutes and then a round of rated games is played.

These weekly rated games comprise a tournament that lasts several weeks. The tournament can be joined during any week, and the entry fee is $10. All of the entry fees go towards a cash prize that is awarded to the winners of each rating section at the end of the tournament.

To play in the rated games, a USCF membership is required. You can purchase a USCF membership here.
 $40/year : Adult
 $26/year : Young Adult (24 and under)
 $22/year : Youth (15 and under)
 $17/year : Scholastic (12 and under)

Regular club members pay $25/year in club dues. The Lafayette Chess Club also offers a student discount of $10/year.